The #1 financial literacy book for teens teaching them everything they need to know about personal finance, investing for teens, WEALTH, & financial education so they can build wealth & keep it in the family.

Order 20 Teens Guide to Wealth books for $400 or get the complete I'm a Teen Building Wealth Kit for $45 each!

What is the Teens Guide to Wealth All About?

Teaching teens and young adults the most important personal finance and financial education concepts, how wealth works, the word of God, entrepreneurship and monetizing their gifts, investing for teens, budget advice for teens, real estate, and financial advice to young adults so they learn can take control of their financial future and build wealth from the ground up!

With your Teens Guide to Wealth book purchase, teens and young adults can read the book on their own or can participate in our "I'm a Teen Building Wealth" 4-week book club!

Have a youth group or class and want to bring The Teens Guide to Wealth to life? We can bring the Teens Guide to Wealth to you, no matter the size, virtually or in person!

What's the point of building all of these businesses, buying all of this real estate, and writing all these books, if when we pass it to our kids, they drop the ball?

That's where we come in!

That's why the Teens Guide to Wealth is aligned with common core standards, fulfills the financial literacy mandate, and is filled with personal finance activities for teens throughout so it's easy to read, understand, and apply the information!

By the end of this financial literacy program for youth, teens will know...

Chapter W: Words of Wisdom About Wealth

the top misconceptions and myths about building wealth

Chapter E: Entrepreneurship and Monetizing Your Gifts

if entrepreneurship is for them and how their gifts can help them pursue a career path or entrepreneurship

Chapter A: All About Building Your Financial House

the four floors that make up their financial house, including budget advice for young adults, financial advice for teens, and how to get off to a strong start as a teen

Chapter L: Life Insurance and Investments to Build Wealth

the most important factors to consider when exploring the benefits of life insurance and investing for teens, including the best way to identify good investments for young adults.

Chapter T: Tithing, Talents, and Treasures: Investing in Them to Build Wealth

the most important ways to give their tithe, time, talent, and treasure so they can increase in all areas of their lives

Chapter H: Homeownership and Real Estate to Build Wealth

the difference between an asset and a liability and the most popular ways to use real estate to build wealth

...and more! Would your youth benefit from the Teens Guide to Wealth?


I learned a great deal about passion, purpose, money, and how many different ways there are to build wealth for my future. I didn't know I could start investing with just a little bit of money and at such a young age. I'm telling all my friends about the rule of 72 because we're gonna be millionaires!

The world has been opened up to me! I'm excited about knowing how to build wealth as a teenager. No one ever talked to me about money and now I know how to make and have a whole lot of it! And, people usually talk about entrepreneurship as starting from scratch. There are so many other ways to be an entrepreneur that I'm excited about!

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  • Teens get a copy of The Teens Guide to Wealth to participate in hands-on and group activities and discussions.

  • Teens participate in a 4-week teaching and reading series to bring the book to life, engage in discussion, and get their questions about wealth answered.

  • Teens show off to their community with an “I’m a Teen Building Wealth Kit" which includes a copy of the book, a t-shirt, and a wristband! (additional $25 while supplies last!)

  • Invest for Their Future: Eligible teens and families have an opportunity to begin contributing $50/m+ to investment accounts for retirement

  • Invitation to Special Events & Workshops: Throughout the year, there will be a series of events and an annual W.E.A.L.T.H. conference that teens will get an exclusive invitation to attend.

  • Access to Licensed Financial Professionals: Teens will also have access to a team of licensed financial professionals who are dedicated to educating and implementing financial goals for themselves and their families, free of charge!

Get the "I'm a Teen Building Wealth" Kit


The Teens Guide to WEALTH... coming to a church near you!



Great for youth ministry groups, stocking stuffers, graduation gifts, church ministries, and more!

Teaching young adults the most important personal finance concepts, how wealth works, entrepreneurship, monetizing their gifts, real estate, and more so they can take action and start building wealth, today!


What is Valentine Global?

Valentine Global provides financial education tools, resources, and financial hubs for students and families and the Teens Guide to Wealth is our featured book for young adults. For questions or to place an order please call 973-348-9652.

Who is the author of the Teens Guide to Wealth?

The Teens Guide to Wealth is written by a fully licensed Financial Advisor. In order to remain compliant with FINRA, a regulating institution, and following his passion for educating the youth about financial concepts and generational wealth, he has chosen to keep his identity anonymous.

Is there an adult version available?

The information in this book is applicable to adults as well! It's perfect for a family book club and family financial nights or for your own financial knowledge. Stay tuned for guide for men and women in the near future!

Is there a Teens Guide to Wealth Financial Literacy curriculum or course or can students do it on their own?

Teens are able to work through and write in the book and on their own. They will also have access to our team through an online platform if they have any questions, need support, or for anything else!

I'm ready to order, but I would like more than 200 or pay using another method. What do I do?

Awesome! Schedule a call with Tamasia Johnson, or email to better understand how you'd like to use the Teen's Guide to Wealth and place your order.

You may also visit our ordering page for quantities up to 500.

Do you offer a financial literacy program that teens can work through with someone from your team team? So glad you've asked! We do have facilitators that are able to bring the Teens Guide to Wealth to life! Get in touch with Tamasia Johnson, Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator at or schedule a call with her here.


The Teens Guide to Wealth teaches them about personal finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, the financial promises of God, and more! We believe that through teens we can truly make a change for generations to come.


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